The Sixth Week of Lent

Mar 24, 2021

Image: Nina Bisognani

Sculpture by Gustav Vigeland, “Wheel of Life” series, Oslo, Norway


One night I believe an angel came to me.
She appeared as a blinding white light

Hovering in the corner of the room.
Just moments before, I had prayed, even begged,
For her to come.

Yet, when I sensed the nearness  of intense love
I covered my eyes and begged my angel to leave.

“No,” I cried out. “Go away.”
Daring not to look into eyes that could pierce my soul.

For I had sinned.

A sin that left me feeling guilty, anxious, undeserving
One that had been hiding in the cobwebs of my mind. 

At my request, my guardian angel left softly,
With a rustle of gossamer wings.
Unknown to me she passed on a heavenly gift

It was at breakfast the following morning
That I came face to face with the previous night’s encounter.

I realized that forgiving is not forgetting
The memory that had haunted me was still clear, but no longer a burden. 

Over time, I have been able to understand we, as scarred beings,
are still worthy of forgiveness. 

With God’s grace, we are able to pray with open hearts.
We can learn the art of forgiveness, of others and of ourselves.

– Nina Bisognani