The Fifth Week of Lent

Mar 18, 2021

Image: Barbara Ryther


What would it be like to simplify my spirit the way I’ve simplified my living space, my schedule, my daily routine?
If I looked behind me, would I see a trail of discarded, tattered “shoulds” and “musts?”
Piles of cast-off, frayed “could haves” and “if onlys?”
I don’t even remember where and how I accumulated them all, yet somehow there they are, clinging to me.
Have I outgrown them or did I never need them in the first place?
Would their loss make me lighter? Brighter? Softer?
Would it change the way I walk through my life?
These things that made me think I was in control of my life — they weighed me down, held me back from having the life God wants for me.

What would it be like to simplify my spirit?
What do I have to lose by trying?
A lot.
What do I have to gain by trying?
My life.

– Barbara Ryther