November 25th, 2021

Dec 2, 2021

Image: Nina Bisognani

Artist’s statement: During this pandemic, I have found it especially restorative to immerse myself in nature…to rest even in the midst of the unknown, when the crises still seem to have no answers or endings. Especially then.


when pink clouds
dress the crisp waves
of morning,
I will gaze 
upon that crowned sea
and exhale.
When the sandpipers
in flight
feather air and water,
fanning the shore
in the mystery of synchrony,
I will bow my head
in reverence.
When the tide
beats its jeweled rhythm
turning mollusks into castanets,
and smooth rocks—like a choir
echo their refrain,
I will raise my hands
in praise.
And when the path
rife with salt and balsam,
leads me
to sheltering eaves,
I will lay these flowering boughs
in gratitude
upon my door.

Katherine Yingst
November 1, 2021