March 23, 2023

Mar 23, 2023

Image: Nina Bisognani

Creating Spaces

As we enter meteorological spring,
the annual tradition of spring cleaning
comes to mind.
Rooms where we spent cozy time over
the winter seem dusty and crowded now. 
Notes scribbled on colored sticky pads 
are scattered on desks; along with, pens, 
pencils and half-finished correspondence.
Unread books piled high on end tables
next to comfy chairs are taking up space.
Curtains and rugs need cleaning. Dust balls have
accumulated in hard to reach places.
It is time to create space in our homes,
and in our minds, for new beginnings to occur. 
Creating space in our physical surroundings
tends to wash away some of the weight of winter.
Prayer, meditation and the practice of forgiveness,
can help remove the tangles in our crowded minds, 

making space for us to develop a closer relation to Christ.

– Nina Bisognani