June 24, 2021

Jun 25, 2021

Image: Melanie Kyer
“Fairy Houses, Mackworth Island, ME”

Fairy Houses

Have you ever built a fairy house?
Collecting shells, bark, leaves, pine cones.
Nothing fancy, just what is to hand.
Do not compare your offering with others,
Just use what you have–
As welcome and inviting as you can.
Then leave it behind
With faith it will be found.

But you will never know.
Do fairies drink their tea at that small table
And take rest on the soft leaves?
And if they don’t,
If winds blow down your handiwork, 
It matters that you took
A moment to be quiet in the woods:
To weave spells of faith that can’t be blown away,
To kneel before creation as a child.

We never know our impact in the end.
We do our best with what we can, where we are.
And hope we’ve been a blessing on the way.

Melanie Kyer
June 19, 2021