July 20, 2023

Jul 20, 2023

Beach Meditation 

Walking the shore
while rain blurs
between sea and sky.

A fine mist
blending muted blues
and soft grays
into pillowy drifts.

Her bright slicker
defiantly fuchsia
refuses to concede.

She is here for the dog
who has not yet chosen
where to relieve himself.

Damp hair
sticking to her forehead,
she sighs.

plovers skim the sand.

Breathing in
the scent of rosa rugosa
fills her lungs—
a petal embrace.

Drawing deeply
salt brine
conjures a memory—
hers, yet communal
like a hymn of belonging.

She leans in.

Swirling sensory notes
blur earthiness
with time outside of time
as she feels her edges soften
into the boundless now.

Kathryn Yingst