First Week of Advent, 2021

Dec 3, 2021

Image: Nina Bisognani

Advent Thoughts

As the holidays approach and the number of new COVID cases in Maine continues to climb at an alarming rate, I am reminded of memories of Thanksgiving past. Last

year was a time of waiting: for inoculations to be approved, for reconnection with friends and loved ones, for peace in a time of unrest, for an end to the pandemic that had uprooted our lives. Getting together meant masking and social distancing outside closed doors.

My husband and I ate Thanksgiving dinner at home by ourselves, spoke to our son in MA over the phone, and carried a pumpkin pie across town to our daughter’s porch in the pouring rain. She contributed forks, napkins, and cups of  warm tea while our group of five stood six feet apart on that cold, wet day giving thanks for the fifteen minutes we shared together.  

With God’s help we made it through that lonely time and made progress dealing with more challenges in our lives. Now, a year later, we have new fears to overcome, new mountains to climb. While we are still tending the old wounds of the past year, we realize we are not alone. As we begin the season of Advent, there is renewed hope in our hearts. We give thanks for what we have preserved and for positive changes we have made, no matter how small. We wait once more, stronger now, as we climb toward the light with God by our side every step of the way

Nina Bisognani