The Third Week in Advent

Dec 19, 2021

Image: Barbara Ryther

Mary’s Advent

I often think of Mary,
And that very first Advent.
Did they tell her to stop and be quiet?
To enjoy the calm and the waiting?
Not to rush the birth of Christ, 
But to feel the joyful expectation of his coming?
And did she punch them as she closed her eyes,
Trying to breathe through a contraction,
Worrying if she would have a place to give birth,
While being dragged across the country for the census?
No, certainly not Mary.
Mary was a mother.
I am sure she smiled and carried on,
Fixing meals and brushing the donkey,
Finding Joseph’s misplaced sandal,
All the while taking the time to marvel at the life within her,
Rejoicing in God and her place in the world,
Tired, but thankful.

May you find some of Mary’s peace no matter what chaos is in your life this Advent.

Melanie Kyer