Psalms Project, Week 4

Sep 16, 2020

Image By, Nina Bisognani

A Cry for Help

I lose heart as seas warm, ice melts, heat unlocks old germs, and the globe spawns new ones. 

I struggle to feel your love and to remember that you are always with me.

And I am afraid.

Give me a sign that you are still with me,

That your covenant with humans still holds.

Touch the hearts of all who are lost, fearful, angry, or sad,

That they may learn to live in love.

Raise up good leaders, wise and full of hope.

Teach me each day that my future is in your loving hands.


By, Barbara Diamond

Carrying On

Grant us patience, Oh God.

We are weary and irritable. 

We love our community,

But they get on our nerves,

When they manifest our own flaws.

Let us see them and ourselves as your children.


Give us joy as we keep on going.

Each day, we sleep, wake, eat, drink.

The days seem all the same.

The drab minutes tick by

But pierced with distress as the

Larger world touches us.


Give us your grace to endure

And live gratefully in the life you have given us.

Let us see the miracles that take place every day.

We look to you in confidence and hope.


By, Barbara Diamond