November 18th, 2020

Nov 17, 2020

Image: Nina Bisognani

Love Lasts Longer Than Time

They met in high school. When he walked past her desk, she was immediately drawn
to his red socks. She looked up to see a handsome ‘strapping young man ‘ with
blonde hair and lovely blue eyes. At that moment she told herself one day they
would marry. Time passed. They fell in love. And, as predicted, they became
husband and wife.

Both of them had suffered losses. My Italian grandparents died by the time my
mother was 15. Her mother contracted blood poisoning from an unsterilized
instrument while helping the town doctor deliver a baby. The story is that
Grandfather Henri died two years later of a broken heart.

As today there is no known cure for corona-virus, ninety years ago there were no
antibiotics in York, ME.

Mother had no Italian relatives to help her through her grief but she had a strong
faith in God. It was her close relationship with Him that got her through a
frightening and otherwise unbearable time. Thanks to the kindness of a local
business owner, she was offered a part time job after school. She graduated
valedictorian of her class.

Because of his own personal tragedy, my father spent most of his growing years in
foster homes. Life did not go smoothly for him at first. After he and my mother
became friends, it was their love that helped them both heal.

Over the years, my mother and father became inseparable. They worked together,
hunted together, golfed together. With God’s help, they created a new family with
four healthy daughters.

Things weren’t always perfect. There were hard times and occasional squabbles.
However, their love was always alive beneath the everyday trials.

As they grew older, they began to worry about each other. Neither of them wanted
to die first and leave the other alone. For the last two years of their lives, that was a
constant battle. They actually passed on within seven weeks of each other.

I am convinced they are still holding hands somewhere, somehow. God’s enduring
love for us all sustains my belief that love lasts longer than time.


Nina Bisognani