June 4, 2020

Jun 4, 2020

                                                                                                                            Image:Mei Li Yingst

Artist Statement To Go With Kitty O’Meara’s ‘And the People Stayed Home’ Poem
Mei Li Yingst (Age 13)

This is a pen and ink drawing on white paper. It has a lot of photo editing to make the black darker and white lighter, because I used 4 different pens. Each window has a different part of the poem, with the poem written on a banner in the middle. I sketched it out on the computer, and then drew on paper. The whole picture has a lot of contrast, yet simplicity from the limited color palette (grayscale). When I read the poem, the line (what I wrote on the banner) stood out to me. I loved how so much was happening at the same time, but they were still. I found it really poetic. All the people in the picture are pretty close together, only a building away, connected with the banner. Everyone is doing something different, but they are still connected, and in a way, together.

Note: You can read the poem from which Mei Li drew inspiration here: https://www.ttbook.org/interview/viral-poem-virus-time