June 24, 2020

Jun 24, 2020

Image:Barbara Ryther


Someone wrote recently that it’s as if we’re all sitting on a spider web, and if there’s a tug on one part
we all feel it.

It’s an interesting image.

A web can look fragile but in fact be very strong.

One part of it may break, but the whole still holds together.

It can conjure up thoughts of scary spiders or sparkle with dew jewels.

And it’s true that a small twitch – or a large tug – will move throughout the whole web.

Our world does feel fragile right now, and we sometimes struggle to see its strength. It’s easy to see where it’s broken, but sometimes hard to see that it’s still holding together.

We are all together in this broken, beautiful, fragile, scary, strong, connected world. We feel not only
our own pain but the pain of others. We share the inspiration of others. We wake up each day to see
something new that seems broken and something new that’s beautiful and strong.

Pray for yourself. Pray for each other. Don’t turn away from the brokenness, but see also the beauty.

Barbara Ryther