June 15, 2023

Jun 15, 2023

Image: Nina Bisognani

Come, Holy Spirit, Come

As the apostles spread the word of God to many nations,
so can we share the joy of knowing Jesus in our hearts
with those who are still searching for faith.

We re-enter spring with the earth around us coming to life.
Trees are now in bloom. Birdsong fills the air with the language
of love. Our prayers of longing have become prayers of thanks.

Each year, buds on apple trees grow into life-sustaining fruit.
Lady bugs and no-see-ums begin to frequent our homes.
All of God’s creation has a meaningful place in our world,
our lives, and our church. We are all one family.

Pentacost approaches with a mighty rush of wind and fire.
The Holy Spirit enters our souls to remain with us always.

A new beginning is upon us…hope for a more peaceful world.

Come, Holy Spirit, Come.

Nina Bisognani