December 10, 2020

Dec 10, 2020

Image: Barbara Ryther

Advent 2020 – A dialog

It’s dark, Lord, and I cannot see the road ahead.
It’s Advent, too, Lord—You know it’s my favorite season.
But this one is so different.
How I long for the traditions that have always marked this time for me—
     Stirring the pudding…rehearsals…baking…
          decorating…finding the right gift…
               Lessons and Carols…time with family and friends…hugs…
                    And so much more….
This new place without the old comforts feels so foreign.
How can Christmas come in a world so strange?
     A world of masks…a world of warnings…a world of rising deaths?

O my child, yes. This Advent is different.
The traditions that marked this season for you are on hold—
     for a while, anyway…
Let go of them.
Prepare for something new.
I am calling you to go deeper with me–
     Deeper into my Word–
          Deeper into my world.
The path ahead seems strange and dark, but I am with you.
Trust me.
Stay awake.
     Pay attention.
          Look for the Light.

– Sudie Blanchard