Psalms Project, Week 1

Aug 25, 2020

Images: Barbara Ryther & Nina Bisognani

In John Calvin’s introduction to his commentary on the Book of Psalms, he wrote that, “I have been accustomed to call this book, I think not inappropriately, ‘An Anatomy of all the Parts of the Soul;’ for there is not an emotion of which any one can be conscious that is not here represented as in a mirror.”

The Psalms can meet us and lead us anywhere, consoling and confronting. Perhaps we need them in a particular way right now.

Over the coming weeks, members of our congregation will be offering new psalms written in response to the times we are passing through—psalms of hope, beseeching, thanksgiving, lament.

This sharing comes with an invitation: we invite you to read, pray, reflect, and to write your own psalm. We’ll be providing a way for you to submit your psalm to be shared.



O One whose true Name
remains a mystery to this clay mind
and yet
fully revealed to my heart
is sung as a song, joyously
never ceasing.

For in you is my beginning
my first breath
and into your hands
will I lay my head
when breath, at last, escapes me.

I am the child
who cried to you in the night.
I am the woman
who called to you, childless.
I saw you in the sun lit leaves of the aspen
as they shook with compassion.
Like wildflowers fill a meadow
you filled my emptiness.
I have heard your river voice.

When the path became unclear
you leaned close
not to offer the hem of your garment
but to let me peer
full faced
into your agape eyes.

Be not far from me now.

By, Kathryn Yingst



Now I lay Before You My Tiredness

I lay before you my tiredness
and ask for new energy.

I lay before you my frustrations
and ask for more patience.

I lay before you my resentment
and ask for peace.

I lay before you my judgement
and ask for inspired understanding.

I lay before you my anger
and long to be forgiving.

By, Peggi Stallings Gregory