August 19, 2020

Aug 19, 2020

Image: Nina Bisognani

Breath of Life

By, Barbara Diamond


We all need to breathe.

Creation requires oxygen.

Yahweh is the sound of breath

Going in and out.  Hear it?

Breathing is both God and life.

So why do we say,

“It takes my breath away,”

Or “She was breathless with joy”

Without seeing suffocation

Or ventilators puffing?

Virus sufferers see machines

As doorways to death.   Police kill

Suspects with chokeholds. Children

Breathe dirty air and then die

As asthma takes their breath away.

“Breathe on me breath of God,”

And on my sisters and brothers

Who are dying for lack of breath.

May I please enter and join God’s

Love for the actual breathless?

Please forgive us, dearest God,

Your heedless, greedy human race,

Who steal habitats and unleash germs,

Who hire cops to prop up systems,

Who make smog along with stuff.

We are helpless without you.

We try to honor you and

Every living plant and creature.

Please let our recent horrors

Wake us up to breathe out love!