Time of Wonder
Early Learning Center

Early education and full-day care that grows the hearts and minds of children should be accessible and affordable for all families.

Time of Wonder offers childcare services for ages 6 weeks to 5+ years old.  We currently have an infant room, toddler room and preschool room that provide play-based learning experiences that meet the needs of the children at their developmental levels. We offer a well trained, experienced, and caring staff in each classroom.

We provide children with the opportunity to engage in fun and educational activities, while forming new friendships with other children and positive relationships with all staff members.  Our program encourages children to participate in activities and experiences that benefit them intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially as we:

Provide a safe and fun learning environment in which to grow

Meet the child at their developmental level

Help children learn through play

Provide exposure to books, music and art

Offer time to practice socialization skills with peers

Provide exposure to a variety of learning materials and activities

Strengthen gross motor and fine motor muscles through developmentally appropriate activities

Teach children to play cooperative games

Offer daily healthy breakfast, lunch and snack prepared by our professionally trained cook.


Our Infant room fosters an environment of safety, comfort and security.  In a room with a nurturing teacher, sensory discoveries, and new friends, we help babies thrive through age appropriate and individualized interactions.  We partner with parents to develop an approach that is consistent with their family’s routine to ease the transition from home to childcare.  Our infant program combines tender compassion with activities to inspire an atmosphere of love, joy and growth.


In the dynamic environment of our toddler classroom, children begin to acclimate to a schedule within a whole group setting.  Our toddler childcare approach includes a balance of child-directed and teacher-initiated opportunities.  Hands-on learning and play keep toddlers actively engaged and continuously interested in understanding more about themselves, their friends and family, and the world around them.





Preschool provides a balanced developmental approach emphasizing language and pre-literacy skills in the context of physical, emotional and interpersonal development. Our focus is to prepare the children for Kindergarten through play and interactive dialogue. Children are encouraged to express their own individuality, as well as appreciate the unique traits of others.   Structured play offers preschoolers opportunities to learn about math, science, social studies, music, movement and art.  

We love helping children with diverse needs thrive. Time of Wonder provides services for children with special needs through a contract with Child Development Services, an Early Childhood Education Tuition Agreement and Specially Designed Instruction.


$290/week or $65/day

$275/week or $60/day

$260/week or $55/day

We welcome families who are eligible to receive State subsidy support for childcare.

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Caring for kids, familes
and staff during COVID-19

Our staff are focused on creating a safe space and carefully maintaining it with safe practices. We’ve developed our protocols by following State guidelines, listening to the guidance of experts, and seeking advice from local authorities. Life looks different, but we can still play, learn, and grow! 

Time of Wonder
Early Learning Center

is open from 8am – 5pm, Monday through Friday

We are located at
St. George’s Episcopal Church
407 York St.
York, ME

(207) 606-0738

Time of Wonder Early Learning Center, was founded by St. George’s Episcopal Church in York Harbor, Maine in 2015. The center is a mission of the church, but It does not teach religion.  It is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization separate from the church.  It offers a completely non-sectarian program.