October 21st, 2020

Oct 21, 2020

Image:  Nina Bisognani

An Abundance of Caution

We welcome the changes brought by the fall season with full hearts

 And an abundance of caution.


The warmth of the sun on our backs, the refreshing air that fills our lungs 

Remind us autumn in New England is one of God’s greatest gifts.


Children wearing masks return to the classroom, or not.  

They make us proud by bravely accepting the ‘new normal’ of a changed learning environment. And they proceed with an abundance of caution.


Sometimes the tears in their eyes betray a fear of the unknown, something we 

have come to feel ourselves. Still, they continue to march forward. We are awed by their resilience.


They will be stronger people for having lived through this, we say.

And we try to develop that strength ourselves

With an abundance of caution.


Leaves turn glorious colors before they fade and fall to the ground.

A feast for our eyes which we hope will carry us through leaner times to come.

As the days pass, the air is getting cooler. Afternoons we sit by the firepit, feeling the not too distant chill of winter approaching.


We make hearty soups and shop for warmer clothes

With an abundance of caution.


Outdoor dining will soon be a summer memory.  Restaurants make plans to open at 50 % capacity . Masking and social distancing are now the law.

We consider revisiting the places we joyfully frequented a year ago,

Cautiously and with trepidation.


Political strife is now rampant in our once peaceable country.  We try to address our myriad of problems. Coronavirus seems to have taken center stage.


We long to stay in touch with our friends and relatives. We miss them so.

God helps us to imagine creative ways of reaching out to one another. Frequent emails, texting, and ZOOM meetings have become a way of life.


And we continue forward in this unpredictable journey

Knowing we are not alone. Knowing God is watching over us.

With prayers and an abundance of caution.

                                                                         Nina L. Bisognani