January 7, 2021

Jan 7, 2021

                                                                                                          Image: Barbara Ryther and Nina Bisognani

Reflecting on 2020

We are leaving the old year and with it many things we are probably happy to leave behind,
but there are some things we will bring with us into the new year.

We, the writers and artists  of this reflections page, are grateful for the blessings and lessons
which have come to us in 2020, without which we would not be who we are.

For us they include:

“The opportunity to take family walks together and really pay
attention to each other and to the sights and sounds of nature…”
  -Melanie K

“A bright yellow goldfinch that brought joy to my life
by waking my interest in the dozens of birds
and other creatures in my own backyard…”
  -Nina B

“A reminder to nourish old friendships,
because they’re the roots that sustain me,
as well as new friendships,
because they’re the branches that help me grow…”  -Barbara R.

“Being able to sing choral masterworks
in an international virtual choir,
created specifically because of the pandemic,
and in doing so make lasting friendships from all over the world.”–Barbara K.

“I am grateful to have learned more about letting go.
During this pandemic, I learned how hard,
and sometimes painful, it is to let go of things,
ideas, and traditions that have both meaning and memories attached.”
  – Sudie B.

“The importance of allowing myself time to decompress—
walks along the ocean or on the trails, enjoying a snuggle with my cat,
and chatting with friends. These things have brightened my days.”
  – Kathryn Y.

What are those blessings and lessons that came to you?