First Week of Lent, 2021

Feb 18, 2021

Image: Nina Bisognani


If we were granted just one wish, we might choose to erase much of the past year:
The year the virus called COVID entered our lives and brought us, weeping, to our knees.

How easily it decimated the bodies of loved ones, tore families apart,
Threatened to weaken the spirit of Christ that dwells within us.

As we enter the Lenten season, we begin a new journey, from darkness to light.
A journey of self-reflection and deepening faith.

With the hope of the small bird that sings before the dawn,
We look into our hearts for the empty spaces that separate us from God.

And we begin to climb the mountain before us with new wishes.
Wise wishes born from the knowledge that God has been with us throughout this journey.

We begin to fill those empty spaces
And we give thanks.

– Nina Bisognani