February 4, 2021

Feb 3, 2021

Image: Nina Bisognani

Sea Change

This round earth on which we live changes every day. Fall turns to winter to spring and then sometimes we discover a bit more winter before the leaves, in their gloriously new green, finally herald spring. The color of the Japanese maple across the street changes from deep pink to deep burgundy as summer progresses. Until we know we have circled back to another fall, another winter, and then, thankfully, another spring.

We are lucky because we live near the ocean, and sea changes become part of the rhythm of our lives. High tide, low tide, a beach awash in seaweed reminds us that the earth is a living thing.

This week we lived through a blizzard and its aftermath. Now we wonder how long the snow will remain.  Will it melt, or will a new storm come to bring us a fresh field upon which to make more snow angels?

After the storm, when calm has returned, the sea has a way of reminding us of what we have been through.

So it is with our lives. The pandemic will end. They always do. Will our life afterward be filled with calm? Can we pile up our disappointments, and like the snow after a storm, return to normal? 

– Barbara Kautz