St. George’s

St. George’s has suspended in-person worship to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus, but the life and the prayer of the Church goes on. We are the Church, wherever we are! You’ll find information here and on Facebook about connecting to live-streamed Sunday worship, daily online prayers, and small group gatherings. 


Holy Eucharist
Sunday at 9:00am

This week:

The Third Sunday in Lent

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Meeting Review

Healing Prayer
Thursday at 10:00am

Because COVID-19 cases in Maine have increased, we are temporarily moving our midweek gatherings online. Click here to join via Zoom

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Nightly Compline & Check-In

Every evening at 8:30pm, you can close the day with a community check-in and the night prayers of Compline. Join Compline.

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Lent at 
St. George’s

Meditations during

Each week during this time of pandemic, members of our St. George’s community are creating and offering poems, reflections and images as doorways into prayer.  These may be places of stillness to face what you are feeling today, and reminders of beauty and communion. We pray they will be signs to you of God’s nearness in all things. Visit this week’s offering. 

Wednesday Book Group 

Join us for our Lenten book study of Resurrecting Easter, by Sarah and John  Crossan. Resurrecting Easter explores the meaning of Jesus’ resurrection by journeying back through  art toward an ancient vision of the Resurrection as an ongoing “universal event.”

Join us weekly via Zoom at 9:00am. 

Ash Wednesday Liturgy

Like all our live-streamed services, you can return to watch and pray the liturgy of Ash Wednesday any time. 

The Liturgy of Ash Wednesday